5 things you can save with the Mobility Assistance Sling

Several common themes run through most EMS agencies today. Budgets are tight, volunteers and employees are a scarce commodity, liability is a consideration in every move we make (or don’t make). The list goes on. Let’s be honest, managing an EMS agency gets tougher each and every day. As an EMS leader myself, nothing makes me happier than a good, solid answer to an everyday challenge.

The Mobility Assistance Sling (MAS) by B2 Products is exactly this.

The MAS is an aid for lifting a person of any age or size from the floor to a more desirable location like a chair or bed. The MAS's unique pairing of extremely durable fabric, heavy duty webbing, and plastic center panel make it a functional and reliable solution.

Here are 5 things you will save with the Mobility Assistance Sling (MAS):

  1. TIME. The MAS is quick and easy to deploy. The embedded plastic panel makes placement of the MAS under a person at just the right location a breeze. There’s no assembling or adjusting of straps and buckles. 
  2. EFFORT. The MAS is a force multiplier. It allows EMS personnel to essentially place handles around a patient in the most advantageous places for lifting. Doing this allows for fewer personnel to safely lift a patient using proper body mechanics and limiting “awkward” body positioning, thus maximizing each person’s lifting ability.
  3. YOUR BACK. Back injuries in EMS are unfortunately too common, and can have a huge impact on your agency. Using one or two Mobility Assistance Slings enables rescuers to best position themselves around the person being lifted and employ proper body mechanics to each lift. The MAS is designed to allow the rescuer to grasp a handle that is positioned at the correct height or distance from the patient. This translates to less strain on your back, reducing the likelihood of an injury. 
  4. THE PATIENT'S DIGNITY. With the MAS, the days of using bed sheets and tow straps to crane a heavy patient from the floor are gone! Your patients will be more comfortable (physically and psychologically) when you use a purpose-made patient lifting device to assist them in their time of need. The embedded plastic panel in the MAS keeps the device spread a full 9” across your patient, thus reducing uncomfortable bunching and “digging in” that is common with some improvised lifting methods. With the MAS there is no close contact “hugging” or grasping of clothing and arms or legs. These activities can be harmful to the patient and all around uncomfortable. 
  5. MONEY. At $119 for a kit of two Mobility Assistance Slings, this is money well spent and will pay for itself 10 times over with the first avoided staff or patient injury. Ask yourself if you can afford to respond to your next lift assist call without the MAS

The MAS is an easy to use, cost effective tool that makes the otherwise difficult job of lifting a person much easier, for both those lifting and the person being lifted. A great solution to challenges faced by EMS providers every day.

About the author: Josh Beaulieu, BS, EMTP, co-founder of B2 Products LLC, has been a licensed practicing paramedic for 20 years and currently leads EMS for a small city fire department in CT.