Problem Solved!

We've listened to the tremendous amount of positive feedback from our customers, and we agree. We offer the innovative and versatile solutions to your patient handling problems you can't risk going on another call without. 


Excellence through Experience

B2 Products innovative patient handling equipment is designed with years of experience in the field behind it. Each product is specifically designed to fill gaps and shortcomings in the current landscape of patient handling equipment by our seasoned experts who have used these products to save lives and avoid injuries. We believe our products have achieved excellence through experience and we are happy to hear that you agree!

Last week B2 Products attended the Massachusetts EMS Conference and had the opportunity to speak with current and prospective customers. With all the support and positive feedback we received, our confidence in our products and our approach has never been higher!

We offer the best solutions for handling patients in every EMS environment imaginable. Our Rapid Patient Mover is the most versatile patient handling product of its kind on the market today. The Mobility Assistance Sling kit allows EMS providers to lift and assist patients in a way that is safe and effective for the patient and the lifter, at a fraction of the cost of alternative lifting products. The Bariatric Patient Mover allows rescuers to carry or drag an above average size patient efficiently while offering protection to the patient from an incredibly durable product.

Through our conversations we heard the same positive feedback and enthusiastic responses again and again: “That’s a really great product!” “What an awesome concept!” “I wish I had that on a call I was on yesterday!” “We need that!”

Field providers who see our products immediately appreciate the simplicity and the utility for everyday use in the field. Supervisors and administrators readily understand thepotential for injury and risk reduction that our products offer. It’s exciting to hear the countless success stories of our products being used in the field. they give us the reassurance that we’re putting out great products that help patients and help providers.

Thank you for your continued support as we continue to get the word out. If you see the value, spread the word!