Bariatric Patient Mover (BPM)

Bariatric Patient Mover (BPM)

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The Bariatric Patient Mover (BPM) helps you safely and efficiently move patients of above average size.

The size, durable materials, and construction of the BPM make it an ideal carrier for patients of all shapes and sizes. The BPM is constructed from heavy-duty ballistic nylon and polypropylene webbing. Open, this carrier measures 56" wide and 80" long. Continuous handles along each side of the BPM enable several rescuers to assist with lifting. Head and foot handles add even more options for grasping and double as attachment points for dragging straps, if needed. 

Each BPM includes:
1 Carrying case

BPM (open): 80" x 56"
Case: 20" x 18" x 2"

Product details:
  - Materials: Heavy-duty ballistic nylon and polypropylene webbing
  - Handles sewn w/double stitched, double box X patterns for durability and strength
  - Fluid resistant
  - Machine washable

Optimal for use by:
  - Fire-Rescue and EMS agencies
  - Nursing/medical facility personnel
  - Obese patient caretakers