First Aid Kit-Large Custom

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This first aid kit can be customized by selecting a wall cabinet in place of the dry box. The contents can be modified to your preferences as well. It is stocked with everything you need for the most common injuries and nothing you don't.  This is perfect for organizations such as churches, scouts, outdoors clubs and similar groups.  Custom First Aid kit contains the following: 
1 1" Tape
5 Sterile 2x2 gauze
5 Sterile 4x4 gauze
2 Triangular Bandage
2 2" Rolled gauze
2 4" Rolled gauze
1 Pen Light
1 Small trauma scissor
1 Tweezer
10 Antibiotic Ointment
4 5x9 Dressing
10 1" Adhesive Bandage
5 2" Adhesive Bandage
4 Burn Jel
8 Antiseptic wipes
10 Bite/sting swab
2 Ice Pack
1  Box or case